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Notebook Stands & Cooling

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Cooler Master NotePal I100


NotePal I100, the new Cooler Master Notebook cooling pad with ultra slim and lightweight design, is made for easy carrying and storage. Two height settings and a curved surface allow for ergonomic operation. A fully meshed surface plus 140mm silent fan provides excellent cooling performance. Supports up to 15.4" laptops.

Cooler Master U3 PLUS - Silver


NotePal U3 PLUS is an ultra slim yet sturdy cooling pad for your laptop. Three 80mm adjustable fans and a hairline aluminum surface remove heat from your laptop. Wrap your cables around two built-in loops for clean cable management. The U3 PLUS turns into a laptop carry case. Just place your laptop inside, attach the included safety belt and you're good to go. Supports laptops up to 19".

Cooler Master X150R NotePal


Notepal X150R, a performance driven cooling pad provides a sturdy foundation and its elevated designing that maximizes the airflow and increases heat dissipation. 160mm silent fan for a quiet optimal cooling performance and Blue LED shines through the center of the laptop cooler. 3 USB ports will meet your multiple connection. Whether at work or in game, X150R will make using your laptop an enjoyable experience. Support laptops up to 17".

Cooler Master L2 NotePal


The Notepal L2 is the affordable, no-frills lightweight laptop cooling solution for all your needs. Wherever or whenever you are, our laptop stand offers a silent cooling fan with plug-and-play capability for convenient performance, and a full mesh metal board for optimal air flow and minimal slippage. User-friendly ergonomic design boosts comfort when using your laptop for long periods. Supports up to 17" laptops.